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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I open a new account online?
Simple! Fill and submit the application form available on our website

 2. How do I transfer from Halifax Bank ?                                                    
It will be explained in your account welcome email

 3. How soon will I be able to use my account after I've signed on?
Once we receive an acknowledgement from you confirming the receipt  of your password, your account will be activated.

 4. What type of accounts can I open on Halifax Bank ?
You can either open a Personal Internet Banking account or a Corporate Internet Banking account.

 5. Can I open a business account with Halifax Bank ?
Yes, just signup for the corporate module of
Halifax Bank

 6. Am I eligible for a Halifax Bank Account?
Have a good credit record

 7. Is there a minimum balance to keep my account active?

 8. How do I know my account Number?
You Get it in your welcome mail .

 9. What happens if my Smartpay card doesn't arrive within 7 days after I've requested for it?
Send an email to our customer service unit

 10. What internet browser do I need?
The site is optimized with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

 11. Is my computer suitable for accessing Halifax Bank ?
The minimum system requirement for optimal result is:
486 CPU running at 100MHz, 32MB RAM, 33.3kB Modem.

 12. What OS do I need to run a Halifax Bank account from my computer?
32 Bit Windows operating systems (Windows 95/98, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000).


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