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Funds Management

"Offshore Mutual Funds"

If you are an Institutional Investor, Mutual Fund, Corporation, or High Net Worth Individual with at least $500,000 to invest and would like access to mutual funds here is the perfect solution.

You will benefit from our tailored solutions and a database of fund managers, which is constantly being updated to reflect performance. Only fully insured fund managers with at least a 7-year track record are monitored.

With our mutual funds you get real choice. Funds vary from capital preservation, low risk and fixed income on the one hand to aggressive growth on the other hand. Best of can create your own portfolio of funds by combining any number.

You get choice, flexibility and liquidity. You can move out of one fund and into another up to 52 times a year. This liquidity and flexible is because our funds are significantly large enough with ready buyers to facilitate it. This flexibility would be hard to find elsewhere.

  • Liquidity...move freely between and out of funds.
  • Choice: of mutual funds.
  • Flexibility...create your own portfolio from all the funds.
  • 100% privacy.
  • Top performing fund managers with at least a 7 year track record.
  • Low fees.
  • Personal and approachable service.
  • Physical bank with offices in Toronto, Barbados and Cayman Islands.
  • Bank is fully insured with its roots dating back to the early 1970s
  • Bank audited by Ernst & Young.
  • Minimum balance 500,000.

  • 1% inception fee based on assets (one-off fee)
  • 0.50% to 2.25% per year depending on the fund


Documents required to open an account:

For ALL accounts

  • completed and signed application for account opening
  • two original references, one from your bank and one from your business associates or professional advisor.
Personal Account
  • Application Form
  • Valid passport copy
  • Two references

For a personal account

  • certified copy of a valid passport for the account owner and also, in the case of a personal joint account, for the account co-owner.

Corporate Account
  • Application Form
  • Valid passport copy of every authorized person
  • Two references
  • Corporate Documents
  • Banker's Appointment

For a corporate account

  • certificate of incorporation and certificate of good standing
  • articles of incorporation 
  • documents authorizing the officer(s) to open and manage the corporate account
  • copy(ies) of the valid passport(s) of the officer(s) whose signature(s) appear(s) on the account application.

Copies of all the above documents must be duly certified and translated into English.

Offshore Mutual Funds
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